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  • Amber Beckenhauer, DO

SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION, why is it so important....

The Healthy Human takes pride in tackling traditional Medicine in a "whole new light."

We believe in addressing Health & Wellness, as well as your medical needs/chronic conditions, with an alternative AND objective approach. We believe that you can only "live your BEST life" or "Create the Healthiest Human," per Dr. Beckenhauer, if you are able to develop a personalized wellness plan that is built off of objective findings/information specific to YOU and your genetic makeup. This information is YOUR "true self" and our job is to create a "Bio-Optimized Version" of your True Self.

Inflammation, what is it and what can it do? Inflammation is a product of your body's own immune system being on "high alert" after perceives a known threat, for ie. a foreign body, an illness, etc. When your body has an inappropriate response to inflammation it can occasionally start to attack your own body as well, this is called Autoimmune Disease. This inflammatory response can happen in joints, muscles, vital organs, and can cause different symptoms such as swelling, pain, fatigue, and headaches, just to name a few.

As individuals, when we have HIGH levels of inflammatory markers in our body, we are more at risk for things like illnesses, viral and bacterial alike, as well as chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, PCOS, multiple autoimmune diseases, and more. It is an INTERNAL destruction, that we can choose to prevent, or even treat/modify, when we "Bio-Optimize our Well Being to become the Healthiest Human Being." These internal markers of inflammation are things such as oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines, and white blood cells called lymphocytes and monocytes. This "detrimental domino effect" of cytokine storms and "inflammatory reckoning" can reduce your chances at being a Healthy Human.

At the Healthy Human, we want to try and BE the CHANGE....we want to help you find the True You and the BEST version of YOU. We can walk alongside or beside you in your change, but CANNOT perform the change for you. You must be an ACTIVE participant in your healthcare/medical needs, and the creation of you as a new, HEALTHY HUMAN. It takes commitment. We can teach patients how to ease inflammation in their bodies through directed lifestyle changes, such as diet & exercise, improving sleep, practicing mindfulness, & our HH created medical health & wellness plans.

Step Up, be who God Created you to BE, be the next Healthy Human.....the True You.

My Best in Health & Wellness,

Dr. Amber Beckenhauer

Osteopathic Physician at the Healthy Human

Ashland & Blair, NE

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