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Water is an important part of the human body.

On average, our bodies are made up of about 60-70% water and we should be drinking eight 8-oz glasses of water daily. Despite our attempts, we still get sick and dehydration can occur due to things like fevers, vomiting, diarrhea. This becomes something holding us back from healing. For acute dehydration, we can administer IV fluids in the office. Our nurse will triage you to determine if your needs are appropriate for a clinic setting vs. the Emergency Room.

Feel Better, Faster! That's our motto.

Along with treatment for dehydration, HH DPC also offers IV Vitamin Therapy for those who are looking to increase their energy, enhance their daily performance, and boost their immune system. It can also help to improve the symptoms of those with chronic illnesses. IV Vitamin Therapy is a vitamin supplement introduced intravenously into the bloodstream. By bypassing your digestive system, the nutrients are absorbed by your body more rapidly than traditional oral supplements. This provides your body with increased cell function and a marked increase in energy. 

Our goal is to make YOU the Healthiest Human.

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IV Fluids


When Would I Use It?​

IV Vitamin Therapy is used to improve many health issues in men and women of any age.

They include:

  • Cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure

  • Diabetes

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Viral illnesses, including the common cold

  • Chronic depression

  • Acute or chronic muscle spasm

  • Acute Dehydration 

  • Migraine headaches

  • Immunocompromised or Recurrent Infections


Symptoms of Dehydration

If you have any of the symptoms of dehydration, visit our urgent care clinic for immediate treatment. Watch for the following symptoms:​ increased heart rate, dry mouth, decreased urine output, headache, and more.​

Pricing for IV Fluids

**IV fluids are infused By Appointment Only, please call our office for scheduling 402-533-2223.

IV fluids, Medications, will be modified for individual patient needs and medical history.

IV Fluids, Member: $119 

IV Fluids, Non-Member: $119-169 

*Compare our pricing to a typical ER visit of anywhere from $700-1500+.


IV Fluids with Vitamins $149+

(Vitamin C, Myers Cocktail)

An adequate amount of essential NUTRIENTS & VITAMINS

is KEY for supporting your body in order to function at its BEST.

When you lack necessary nutrients, or become dehydrated, it can negatively affect how you feel, as well as

vital bodily and cognitive functions.


We here at HH DPC want to help each and every patient LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE. That is why we offer a variety of nourishing IV therapies that are packed with blends of natural vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. These revitalizing remedies can help replenish, revive, and energize you from the inside out.


*Pricing varies based on each individual patient's IV needs, discussed at time of triage or consultation.

Desk with Stethoscope

Our number one goal is to deliver outstanding patient care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Although our waiting room is quite inviting, we would like to offer you the gift of time and allow you the chance to enjoy life outside of a medical clinic. Another way to be of service is by offering low cost procedures, and a list of medications in house for easy access when you need them. See our list of benefits/pricing for more details and break down of services.


Our goal is to take care of you ALWAYS! This means you can start your care here before pregnancy, and we will provide your obstetric needs, including delivery.

Dr. Beckenhauer has privileges to deliver and care for you at MCH&HS (Blair). She can deliver you vaginally or by Cesarean Section at these locations. 


We provide personalized pediatric care that your child deserves. As healthcare providers, and even more importantly as parents, we want easy access for medical care when our loved ones are ill. At the Healthy Human, you are able to reach us easily to address your needs.


We get it, being healthy does't come overnight! We also understand that losing weight cannot happen unless our bodies are in BALANCE. For further information, please see our pricing on consultations, lab testing at low cost, and treatment. We also carry Physician prescribed supplements and the Revision, and OBAGI, Skincare line to help you achieve your health and beauty goals as well!


If you currently have an illness and would need IV fluids, we are here to help you get back on your feet again as quick as possible. Dr. Beckenhauer has worked in an Emergency Room setting and she understands the fees and wait time. Just call/email/text us, we will have you come in and determine if it is appropriate for you to receive them at our clinic.

Our Services

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The Healthy Human is committed to providing quality and comprehensive healthcare. To learn more about our clinic and how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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