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Prenatal Care/Obstetrics at The Healthy Human DPC (Ashland/Blair)

Does Dr. Beckenhauer still deliver babies?

Yes!  Dr. Beckenhauer has been delivering babies for 10+ years and LOVES this part of Family Practice with Obstetrics. She continues to deliver at Memorial Community Hospital in Blair, NE.  Dr. Beckenhauer is also on faculty at the Clarkson Family Medicine Program as well, and will occasionally deliver at UNMC. The patient and Dr. B will determine if care is appropriate and cost effective through the DPC. We do have a separate OB contract through the DPC and will be signed upon the initial prenatal visit. 

Direct Primary Care OB Rates at The HH DPC

DPC not only likes to offer affordable and quality options in Family Practice, but can do the same for the Obstetric/Prenatal patient as well. Our goal is to make medical care affordable again. The DPC package is great for those that are enrolled in Health Sharing plans, patients that do NOT carry insurance or even those with high deductible insurance plans. Call us or email us to set up your appointment and see the office!

$1500.00 Member of HH DPC

Total OB Package including Clinic visits from 6-40 weeks gestation for Maternity Care, Vaginal Delivery and Inpatient Daily Rounding (add C Section fee of $500 to the final bill if unable to deliver vaginally). 

$2000.00 Non-Member of HH DPC 

Total OB Package including Clinic visits from 6-40 weeks gestation for Maternity Care, Vaginal Delivery and Inpatient Daily Rounding (add C Section fee of $500 to the final bill if unable to deliver vaginally).

*Newborn fees for Physician Inpatient Rounding are $100/day while in the hospital, Male infant: $200 if circumcision desired. 

**Please note that these payments will be broken down over an 8-10 month payment plan designed by the Doctor and the Patient/Family. 

OB Price Comparisons for Cash Pay Deliveries in Nebraska:

*This pricing has the same offerings as the DPC OB package as above, but much higher costs. 

Vaginal Delivery $5,000.00 (Omaha), $8500.00 (Rural Hospital)

Cesarean Delivery $5,500.00 (Omaha), $12,000-15,000 (Rural Hospital)

Circumcision $450.00