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Dr. Beckenhauer's Mission is to utilize her education in Osteopathic Medicine to guide patients through a journey of self-healing in mind, body, & spirit. We encourage each patient to "own" their health, and inspire everyone to become Healthy Humans.

 Integrative Health/Wellness, Male & Female Hormone Therapy, & so much MORE offered at The Healthy Human.

Feel amazing, with less out-of-pocket expense!


Is it common to have a hormone imbalance?

In general, many men and women will experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance at some point in their lives.

Symptoms associated with the decline of our hormones can start as early as the mid-twenties.

A simple blood test can indicate if you will benefit from hormone replacement.

Hormones matter for both men & women, don't put off your healthcare any longer. 

What is Integrative Medicine?

As defined by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH)

at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), integrative medicine brings together mainstream medical approaches with complementary approaches not considered part of conventional medical care. 

Who should consider an Integrative Wellness/Hormone evaluation with Dr. Beckenhauer...

                                                         Have you been told this, offered this, or lived the below examples?​

  • Dr. says to patient: "Everything is normal on your lab work."

  • No one ever addresses the root cause for my symptoms, I just get handed another pill or a "band aid" approach..

  • I want to be educated on my medical history & labs to prevent chronic disease. 

  • I wanted to look at other options instead of pharmaceuticals, but I wasn't given that option. 

Over the years, Dr. Beckenhauer has had patients come to her with requests or comments/complaints like those above.

If you are one of these patients, you can stop jumping from clinic to clinic for answers to your questions. 

At The Healthy Human, our focus is on nutrition and biomedical therapies, as well as the root causes of disease and wellness. As an Osteopath, this is the foundation of our medical education: treat the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). The body is capable of self-healing and self-regulation, as well as health maintenance. 


Patients that typically find success in our program struggle with symptoms like acne, hair loss, weight gain, loss of libido, insomnia, chronic fatigue, infertility, high blood pressure, extremity swelling, constipation or diarrhea, abdominal bloating, thyroid problems, or even concerns of an autoimmune disease, we are here for YOU.

With her osteopathic framework and principles, Dr. Beckenhauer looks at each patient as an individual and investigates the "whole" picture. She will use your own personal data (labs) to find objective information for the root cause of your symptoms. Together, with Dr. Beckenhauer and her wellness team, you will make a personalized treatment plan for your success in becoming a Healthy Human.

It's all part of the Healthy Human Protocol. 

What labs are tested?

Our Integrative medical workup is individualized, based off of your symptoms and medical history, to EACH patient. 

Examples of testing may include, but NOT limited to, hormones such as estradiol, progesterone, testosterone; nutritional/mineral deficiencies; and MORE.

The cost of hormone panels, for men & women, alone range anywhere from $600-$1000 in your traditional primary care or specialist clinic/hospital locations. 

HH believes in affordable care, the cost of your consult/lab workup will be hard to beat! 

Will I require a prescription after my consult?

During our workup, we may find that you need treatment for a medical condition. 

If  you would like natural options, more of a holistic option, we will discuss what this looks like and find the right supplements for you as an individual. If you need a pharmaceutical option, or prescription, we will discuss care at the Healthy Human or you may return to your Primary Care Provider, Internist, or Gyn for future medical care. If this is the case, it is just like when you see your Family Practitioner or Ob/Gyn for your other medications, you will also need to see us for first time starts and refills on your hormone replacement for estrogen, progesterone, etc. 

How often am I required to have a periodic follow-up visit?

Periodic follow-up visits and blood tests are required to evaluate your response to treatment, evaluation of symptoms and adjustment to the hormone(s) prescription if necessary.

The frequency of the follow-up visits can be every 2 weeks to monthly to quarterly, this is a decision based upon what is best for you as the patient and your individual healthcare needs to work towards a healthier you! These follow ups can be scheduled with Dr. B, your own PCP, or one the HH Providers. 

How much does a consultation cost at The Healthy Human?

$499 Initial Consultation & One Lab Follow Up with Dr. Beckenhauer,

Physical Exam, Lab Panel (Hormones/Vitamins/Minerals)

$119 Follow Up Wellness Visits ; if desired, or may return to prior PCP or another HH Provider

$89 Follow Up Wellness Coaching Visits 

*Typically, in a conventional setting, the initial lab panel (without any other services) above will be on average $900-1000+.



for those that are ready for a structured personalized, health reformation, in conjunction with their current healthcare provider/clinic, you can enroll in our 8 week....

Mind, Body & Spirit: Healthy Human Protocol.

You will collaborate with the HH Wellness Team to initiate your long-awaited, Life Change.

Get ready to begin the first step in your journey towards becoming your "best self" or what we call a happy,


Incorporating integrative care in our program is important to us, such as:

  • Food-based/Nutritional approach to help manage/treat chronic medical conditions, and also for prevention

  • Biomedical practices such as vitamins, minerals or other natural products

  • Mind-body therapies such as yoga or acupuncture

  • Manipulative and body-based practices such as osteopathic manipulation or massage therapy

  • Movement therapies and exercise, such as pilates or high-intensity interval training

Please email to reserve a spot in the upcoming program. You will be given program information/pricing, and to determine if you are a candidate for the 8-week program vs. an individual consultation.


Initial Allergy Consults:

Member - $40

Non-Member - $190

SubLingual ImmunoTherapy (SLIT)

In the Midwest, it is very common to see patients that are experiencing inhalant/environmental allergies such as hay fever or allergies to things like dust mites, pollens, pet dander, and molds. 

Sublingual immunotherapy, often called allergy drops, works like allergy shots by gradually helping your body build a tolerance to the antigens or substance(s) that cause your allergies. The difference is that the antigen is placed under your tongue in a pain-free, customized liquid drop.

Allergy drops are a safe, convenient way to treat the cause of your allergies — not just symptoms. Treatment typically takes 2-5 years, but can vary based on allergy type and patient adherence.

Allergy Drop Advantage

Lower cost, fewer clinic visits

Compared to shots and many medications, allergy drops typically cost less over time. Most patients using allergy drops only need a few clinic visits the first year, and then once every 6-12 months until treatment is completed. Fewer medical appointments can also mean less time away from work or school.

Less medication

Our patients report, and research confirms, that they typically need less medication to control their allergy symptoms after beginning allergy drops.

The convenience of home therapy, with increased therapy compliance...

Our Services

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Desk with Stethoscope

Our number one goal is to deliver outstanding patient care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Although our waiting room is quite inviting, we would like to offer you the gift of time and allow you the chance to enjoy life outside of a medical clinic. Another way to be of service is by offering low cost procedures, and a list of medications in house for easy access when you need them. See our list of benefits/pricing for more details and break down of services.

Our goal is to take care of you ALWAYS! This means you can start your care here before pregnancy, and we will provide your obstetric needs, including delivery.

Dr. Beckenhauer has privileges to deliver and care for you at MCH&HS (Blair). She can deliver you vaginally or by Cesarean Section at this location. 


We provide personalized pediatric care that your child deserves. As healthcare providers, and even more importantly as parents, we want easy access for medical care when our loved ones are ill. At the Healthy Human, you are able to reach us easily to address your needs.


We get it, being healthy does't come overnight! We also understand that losing weight cannot happen unless our bodies are in BALANCE. For further information, please see our pricing on consultations, lab testing at low cost, and treatment. We also carry Physician prescribed supplements and the Revision, and OBAGI, Skincare line to help you achieve your health and beauty goals as well!


If you currently have an illness and would need IV fluids, we are here to help you get back on your feet again as quick as possible. Dr. Beckenhauer has worked in an Emergency Room setting and she understands the fees and wait time. Just call/email/text us, we will have you come in and determine if it is appropriate for you to receive them at our clinic.

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