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Healthy Human protocol.
Revive & Thrive

Dr. Amber Beckenhauer completed her medical degree in Osteopathic Medicine (DO) in 2004.

Since that time, she has completed education in female/male hormone therapy, 

allergy & immunotherapy, lifestyle/integrative health & wellness, as well as , regenerative & anti-aging medicine.

At the Healthy Human, our focus is on investigating the root cause of disease,

and making a personalized wellness plan with the use of nutrition and biomedical therapies.

"Let's do what we LOVE, and do A LOT of it." -Marc Jacobs 

Her PASSION revolves around treating each individual as a WHOLE,

and incorporates integrative care, hormone optimization, and weight management into this plan.

Dr. Beckenhauer uses her years of education and clinical experience to coach individuals,

as they conquer their own personal health and wellness goals, creating Healthy Humans

With her personalized coaching and integrative medical approach, MANY individuals have achieved success.

Our Healthy Human protocol optimizes physical health & wellness, focuses on mental health and mindset,

creates and customizes ideal weight management & goals, unique personal achievements, and so much more.  

Your personal success stories are created through a journey of self-healing in Mind, Body, & Spirit.  

"Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." -Oprah Winfrey 


As a Physician, coach, and HUMAN, Dr. Beckenhauer believes in teamwork.

Life change is NOT a solo journey.

You MUST have the right support and coaching to achieve your personal best. 

This is why she selected local Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer,

Kristie Nicholsto partner with her in the Healthy Human protocol. 

Kristie understands what is required to achieve your personal best: grit, determination, and most of all, sacrifice. 

She loves a CHALLENGE , and believes whole-heartedly in lifestyle change. 

She knows from her own experience how important it is to utilize a wellness and training coach. 

In 2019, she navigated down her own personal health journey, and needed to hire her own success coach/team.  

Over the span of 6 months, she brought home 6 medals AND placed TOP 5 in three

National Physique Competitions, Figure Division.

She believes mindset is needed to achieve all goals, as:

Motivation comes from Mindset. Mindset makes Champions. 





















Dr. Amber Beckenhauer believes in Body Optimization, and through her education and clinical experience has created, 

Healthy Human Protocol: Revive & Thrive.

The Healthy Human Protocol: Revive works for MANY individuals. However, occasionally personalized nutrition

and training sessions are NOT the only component to a successful protocol or plan.

The Healthy Human Protocol: Thrive promotes body optimization and personalized, individual change through self discovery.

Each individual is inspired to take accountability of their own health to  

optimize self-regulating mechanisms and promote self-healing when you know how your body functions effectively.

HH Protocol: Thrive gives you the opportunity to learn about YOUR very own unique body chemistry. 

For this reason, ANY individual that participates in the Healthy Human protocol, or outside of, 

have the opportunity to seek 1-on-1 Physician Consultation with Dr. Beckenhauer. 


She helps each individual customize a medical treatment plan to achieve their personalized medical & wellness goals. 

You will review objective values from your 15+ HH Lab Work Up

(hormones, vitamins, minerals, cancer markers, allergy panels, & more),

your family history & personal medical conditions, medication and supplement lists, and more. 


It's all part of the Healthy Human protocol: Thrive. 


Motivation for Change + Accountability + Customized Treatment Plan evolves a normal human into a... 

Healthy Human that will THRIVE. 


Who should consider Healthy Human protocol: Thrive with Dr. Beckenhauer...

  • Those that would like to achieve "Whole Person Wellness" or find root causes. 

  • Busy Men & Women that would like to achieve improved health, wellness, and mindset.

  • Individuals with Health Conditions such as: Hormone Imbalances with PCOS, Menopause or Peri-menopause, Infertility, Thyroid, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Auto-Immune Disease or Allergy & Immune Conditions, GastroIntestinal Conditions: IBS, Inflammatory Bowel or Nutrient Deficient States


  • Patients with symptoms/complaints such as: mood swings, depression, low libido, joint pain, migraines, acne, chronic fatigue, abdominal bloating & more. 

                                       As an Osteopath, we are trained to treat the WHOLE person (Mind, Body, and Spirit).

                                                           The osteopathic philosophy & foundation embraces the principles:

                                            The body is a unit, and the person represents a combination of body, mind and spirit.

                                                 The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing and health maintenance.​​

The Healthy Human Protocol is a 12 week Program, comprised of two Healthy Human options:

1) Healthy Human Revive (HH Revive) 

2) Healthy Human THRIVE (HH THRIVE) 


Option 1: Healthy Human Revive (HH REVIVE) 

Entry Level, or Basic Protocol:

HH REVIVE, to return to life, consciousness, vigor, strength.


Healthy Human Food-Based/Nutrition Education

Supplement-Based/Nutrition Plan (Medical Food/Supplements Included*)  

Initial, & Weeks 4, 8, 12: Body Composition Measurement with HH Smart Scale

Customized Training/Exercise Plan w/ Kristie: Twenty (20) Guided Sessions (Choice of Gym** vs. Home Approach)

Nutrition/Mindset Coaching with Kristie

Metabolism Booster/B12 Injections, 2 per month OR at Physician discretion

Healthy Human protocol. Final Celebration/Event

The 12-week Program is $2339 OR $779 paid monthly, includes ALL training & nutrition sessions,

basic supplements/shakes, injections, events, & more. 

*All items needed for Program are included in Program Pricing except Gym Fees

**If location chosen is Gym-based, it will be at Anytime Fitness in Blair

Option 2: Healthy Human THRIVE (HH THRIVE) 

Elite Level, or Whole-Person Protocol:

HH THRIVE, to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

HH Protocol: THRIVE is an evolution to a new YOU, through Bio/Body Optimization

with Dr. Beckenhauer & Personal Training with Kristie,

you will flourish as a THRIVING Healthy Human.


Initial Consultation & Physical Exam, and one Follow Up Wellness Visit with Dr. Beckenhauer 

EKG & 15+ Lab Panel (Hormones/Vitamins/Minerals, & other Health Prevention labs)

Food-based/Nutritional Plan to help Prevent &/OR Manage/Treat Chronic Medical Conditions

Healthy Human protocol: Basic Supplements & Shakes (Included in Program)  

     Initial, & Weeks 4, 8, 12: Body Composition Measurement with HH Smart Scale

Metabolism Booster/B12 Injections, 2-4 per month OR per Physician discretion 

Customized Training/Exercise Plan w/ Kristie: Twenty (20) Guided Sessions (Choice of Gym** vs. Home Approach)

Nutrition/Mindset Coaching with Dr. B & Kristie

Prescription medications, if appropriate, during 12 week Program only*

HH THRIVE Half Way-Spa Day/Event

(Discounted Chemical Peels, Botox, Filler plus $50 for each Thrive Participant)

HH THRIVE Final Celebration/Event 

The all-inclusive Physician-supervised, 12-week Program is $3999.

*All items needed for Program are included in Program Pricing except Gym Fees & Rx Weight Loss Aids from Pharmacy, if desired/needed.

Please discuss HSA/FSA questions with Dr. B at enrollment. 

**If location chosen is Gym-based, it will be at Anytime Fitness in Blair











Healthy Human protocol...THRIVE.

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.

Not interested in a 12-week program? Cannot afford the upfront costs of the programs above?

Don't worry, we have options for you!




Membership Options:


  • DPC Membership, WITHOUT Integrative Health or Weight Loss, Primary Care Only ($99-105/mo)


  • DPC Membership (Primary Care) PLUS Integrative Health & Weight Loss ($199/mo), medical advice only; supplements/injections, etc NOT included. 


                                    Do NOT like a Membership Option? Like an all-inclusive option...

                                                                      NON-Membership Options:

  • Pay-as-You Go" Two (2) Individual Medical Consultations with Dr. Beckenhauer ($499)

  • Integrative Health & Weight Loss with Dr. Beckenhauer ($699/mo x 6 monthspaid on a monthly basis Includes labs/supplements/injections;

                                                           NOT included: Workouts/Fitness sessions. 

Not sure what option is right for you?

Please email drbeckenhauer@healthyhumandpc.com to determine

if you are an appropriate participant in either wellness program.

Our HH Mission is to create HEALTHY HUMANS that THRIVE. 

 We believe that each individual should  LIVE their best life. 


Our Services

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Our number one goal is to deliver outstanding patient care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Although our waiting room is quite inviting, we would like to offer you the gift of time and allow you the chance to enjoy life outside of a medical clinic. Another way to be of service is by offering low cost procedures, and a list of medications in house for easy access when you need them. See our list of benefits/pricing for more details and break down of services.

Our goal is to take care of you ALWAYS! This means you can start your care here before pregnancy, and we will provide your obstetric needs, including delivery.

Dr. Beckenhauer has privileges to deliver and care for you at MCH&HS (Blair). She can deliver you vaginally or by Cesarean Section at this location. 


We provide personalized pediatric care that your child deserves. As healthcare providers, and even more importantly as parents, we want easy access for medical care when our loved ones are ill. At the Healthy Human, you are able to reach us easily to address your needs.


We get it, being healthy does't come overnight! We also understand that losing weight cannot happen unless our bodies are in BALANCE. For further information, please see our pricing on consultations, lab testing at low cost, and treatment. We also carry Physician prescribed supplements and the Revision, and OBAGI, Skincare line to help you achieve your health and beauty goals as well!


If you currently have an illness and would need IV fluids, we are here to help you get back on your feet again as quick as possible. Dr. Beckenhauer has worked in an Emergency Room setting and she understands the fees and wait time. Just call/email/text us, we will have you come in and determine if it is appropriate for you to receive them at our clinic.

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