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If you should desire Nutrition Consultation by our Life & Health Coach, Becky Dickinson, see below:


                                         1 HR INITIAL CONSULT        30-45 MIN FOLLOW UP          METAGENICS/MEDICAL FOOD            

DPC Member                         $85                                             $65                                    20% w/ 1-on-1 Monthly Appt*

Non-Member                        $100                                           $80                                    10% w/ 1-on-1 Monthly Appt*

*Must notify HH Team Member of active Nutrition Consulting when purchasing products to receive discount

Healthy Lifestyle & Managing Weight BEGIN with YOUR Dinner Plate.

We are more than happy to introduce you to Becky, and she will schedule you for an In Clinic, or Telehealth, Consultation at your convenience. Becky will work with Dr. Beckenhauer on health plans suited to meet your medical and wellness needs.

We are proud to offer options that are farm to table or "real food" options, with a combination of Metagenics Medical Foods that have anti-inflammatory properties, glucose control, and much more. 


At the Healthy Human, we recognize that achieving and maintaining an optimal weight is critical to a person’s overall health. We are proud to offer a medically supervised weight management program to assist patients in the weight loss process.  

The wellness program starts as a 6 month time period which includes increased follow up visits/weight check ins and patient accountability. The HH Team offers medical supervision to promote safety and provide accountability for those looking to make wellness changes within their medical treatment plan.  


If you are a Healthy Human Member and wish to participate, you will be charged an extra $59 per month.

When working ACTIVELY towards whole person wellness, weight loss and balancing hormones, we tend to see a large influx in patient appointments from the average 3-4 Primary Care visits per year on average. This extra fee will include your wellness/weight/hormone management visits (beyond primary care needs of 3-5 visits per year), Weight Loss/HRT Rx/Management, and EKG. Your extra monthly fee will be re-evaluated after the initial 6 months of your wellness plan.

We hope you consider prevention OVER treatment of chronic disease. 

Choose wellness....Choose our patients see HUGE improvements in many chronic conditions, including blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and arthritis pain.

Initial Visit includes:

Consultation & Physical

EKG & Screening Labs

Body Composition Measurement with Smart Scale

Prescription medications if appropriate

*This Weight Management Plan/Fee is only available for those that are DPC Members.

**If you are a NON-Member and should choose to utilize Healthy Human for Weight loss/Management or Lifestyle Programs, please see the Healthy Human protocol or HH Thrive options. 

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