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  • Amber Beckenhauer, DO

Flip or No Flip? That is the Question.....

Ok Ladies, who out there is looking for pouty lips, or better yet, maybe just a lip that is naturally "more full?" Well, mostly....ALL of us :) LOL

In the past few years at the HH, we started offering Aesthetics. It has truly been one of the most amazing services to offer to our Blair & outside communities. I am able to continue practicing as a Family Physician with a "unique twist." It is quite rewarding to care for someone medically for years, in not only preventative services and acute treatment, but now we add on the "cosmetic realm" as well. How gratifying the end of the week can be when we have scheduled Botox & Filler Fridays! If you have not been by the HH to try our Aesthetic services, I would highly recommend it. We are not only local, but we are also more affordable than the surrounding urban areas by a few DOLLARS per unit :) Local Care, Local "LOVE."

Recently, well almost 6 months ago or more now, but recent in my mind. :) My good friend Mindy Bosanek, APRN, mentioned a LIP FLIP. She wanted to perform one on me, and vice versa for her. I was NOT all in at first, but then....I was :) The results are definitely worth it, and the cost is much more affordable than filler. But, better yet, pair it up and ask for a "Flip" & Filler.....and you will have the ULTIMATE lip experience.

What is a LIP FLIP? It relaxes the muscles at the lip, which cause them to roll forward....making a lip look naturally more "plump" and full, especially when smiling. It is Botox, and not filler, so the actual volume of the lip is NOT increased.

Lip Fillers help restore volume, with hyaluronic acid, and improve wrinkles. As we age, our lips lose volume and form more wrinkles. Thin, wrinkled lips create an older appearance. Dermal Fillers, as well as a Lip Flip, together will restore a youthful volume to the face and lips.


It's more....affordable than fillers.

It's less......painful, as well as less bruising and swelling, than fillers.

It is a....20 min, minimally invasive, procedure and only a few small injections are made.


The results....only last 2-4 months (Filler can last up to 10-12 months).

Fillers can be reversed.....Botox cannot.

Botox at your lips can cause....your lips to feel weaker during activities such as drinking through a straw, puckering lips, smoking, playing an instrument, and sometimes pronunciation of words. Possibility of drooling can occur at lower lip injections.

Results are....NOT as dramatic as lip fillers. If you are looking for the ultimate Lip Experience,

go for a "Flip" & Filler appointment instead.

A few things to get you ready for Aesthetics at the HH:

-At the time of Scheduling your Appointment, please discuss:

Medications and supplements you take, as some may interfere with the healing process.

Also, ask any and all questions you have about the procedure, and if you do NOT feel comfortable moving forward without a consult, then ask to schedule one. At the HH, we recommend consultations prior to your procedures if you are at all hesitant or have any limitations, concerns, etc.

-Recommendations PRE-Procedure: Stay away from alcohol, aspirin, and smoking 48 hours beforehand in order to reduce the risk of swelling or bruising, and to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly.

-Recommendations POST-Procedure: There is no real downtime after the procedure. You can continue with your activities, as long as you don't put pressure on your lips, for at least 3-4 days after getting the injections. This includes: Kissing, Applying lip makeup, Sleeping facedown, Touching or picking at your lips.

-Don't expect to see results right away, it is typical for the full effect of Botox to take 10 to 14 days.

-Side Effects: Small bruises at the injection site for one or two days, Redness, Swelling.

Cost of Lip Flip at the HH:

-Skincare/Procedural consultation, 20-30 min, $50 (If desired, or needed, for procedural questions for the Physician or APRN and/or personalized, treatment options)

-Upper Only $75

-Upper and Lower $120

Would love to see your smiling faces at the HH, give us a call (402) 533-2223 to schedule with Dr. Beckenhauer or Mindy Bosanek, APRN....or if you would rather email us:

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