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  • Amber Beckenhauer, DO

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

On December 5th, I tried to "gear up" the public for upcoming health care enrollment opportunities by explaining the different healthcare models in traditional, and non-traditional, healthcare settings. As the days pass, the public is becoming more aware of the rising costs in healthcare, AND beyond, for 2021.

With inflation occurring, we will see many patients start to look toward the free market medical system for cash pay healthcare visits, imaging/testing, and more. The reason....Transparency. It is with great haste that I urge you to always look at the "full picture" when it comes to your cash pay offerings and where you receive them. Appearances can be deceiving, value can be sacrificed. I recommend that you complete your "healthcare homework" and understand that cutting corners can sometimes be threatening to not only your pocketbook, but also, to your health.

In 2021, years before and years to come, we are PROUD that the Healthy Human exists. We are proud to open our doors every day and offer exceptional healthcare to the local patients of Blair, Ashland, and other surrounding communities, even Omaha. It is the place to go for not only AFFORDABLE healthcare, but also QUALITY and HONEST healthcare. We strive to offer a unique experience for our patients, and bring innovative ancillary services when requested and when possible. We have created a personalized and professional healthcare team to care for you...because we know that this is what WE would WANT as a patient, as well as for our own families. As a Family Physician, I brought the Direct Primary Care model to Ashland and Blair, to offer small/large/family-owned businesses, individuals and families alike, a chance to personalize their own healthcare plan. A straightforward, available and valuable approach to achieve health and wellness that will surpass most experiences in the healthcare world. It is a medical home to many, and keeps its mission first and foremost, "Making Healthy Humans, ONE patient at a time."

When you are seeking healthcare in 2021, know whom you are interacting with, what values they possess, what mission they follow, their professionalism and teamwork...then determine what YOU value and make a choice on where to spend your healthcare dollars. In a year with craziness and COVID all around us, it is easy to recognize that we only live once, and healthcare is not something YOU want to sacrifice.

-Amber Beckenhauer, DO

Healthy Human Direct Primary Care

Family Physician/Owner

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