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HH DPC Healthcare Mission: Making Healthy Humans ONE patient at a time. 

PASSION starts with PEOPLE.

Dr. Beckenhauer has been promoting whole person, patient-centered healthcare as a Family Practice/OB/ER Physician for 10 years as of 2018. During her years in practice, she has grown accustomed to the daily frustrations, or "roadblocks," in the healthcare system that affect patients and Physicians alike. She feels strongly that Family Physicians are key to guiding healthcare reform for patients and Primary Care. 


Her passion resides in small town/rural, or "hometown" care, which allows Family Medicine to return to the days of "good ole-fashioned" local medical care. She also spends her time as Faculty at Clarkson Family Medicine Program, as well as Volunteer Faculty at Lincoln Medical Education Program, to help educate Family Practice residents on the need to continue complete medical care for patients and their families in rural areas. 

She has worked in various locations, with Blair, NE being her primary medical home since 2011. During her role as Family Physician at many hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics across the Midwest, she found that a few commonalities held true no matter where she provided patient care. Patients would note that, 1) they did not have enough time with their Physician,

2) they could not reach their Physician in a time of need, and 3) it took 6-12 weeks to get an appointment on their PCP's schedule for initial appointments or follow up. 

HH DPC hopes to help improve access to healthcare and we make it our mission to resolve many of these pressing concerns. With a strong HH DPC healthcare team, our goal is to educate patients on their diagnoses and treatment plans to help them feel more comfortable with their medical care. This in turn will help encourage as many people as possible to become Healthy Humans. We believe in a strong background in Integrative Health & Wellness to meet the needs of whole person healthcare, and to help patients achieve their personal medical goals.


DPC is a modern twist to healthcare with "old-fashioned" roots, and has a strong role in the healthcare system. We hope you embrace it, as well as promote others to learn more!